Anti-static Semi-conductive Silicone PSA PET Tape/film

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Brand Name: [DST] Masking tape
Model Number: ST-850GAS
MOQ: 2000 Square Meter
Type: Masking Film /Tape
Color: Green
Material: Polyester
Certificate: ISO 9001:14001
Feature: Heat-Resistant, High heat resistance
Function: masking purpose
Adhesive: Silicon
Adhesive type: Pressure Sensitive
Adhesive Side:: Single Sided

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High heat resistance & Excellent Insualation effect * No residue after removal * High adhesion and great ‘tack’ * Laminated with Fluorosilicone Release Liner -> can be supplied as die cut * Semi-conductive PSA -> minimize static electricity * FFC cable, Material key protection purpose * Masking purpose of various surfaces
Ms. Priyanka Sharma
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