3M FC-40 Fluorinert Electronic Liquid

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Brand Name: 3M
Model Number: FC-40
Place of Origin: USA
MOQ: 1
Type: Chemical
Color: Gray
Material: Liuqid
Weight: 5 kg
Supply Type: LTR
Packaging: Can
Product Status: ACTIVE

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3M Fluorinert Liquid FC-40 is a non-conductive, thermally and chemically stable fluid ideal for single phase heat transfer fluid applications, especially in the electronics and semiconductor industry for testers, CVD and TFT manufacturing. *Features :- 1.Non-conductive 2.Thermal stability 3.Narrow boiling range 4.Chemical stability 5.Compatibility 6.Wide liquid range *Applications :- 1.Dielectric Bath 2.Gross Leak Testing‎ 3.Thermal Shock Testing‎ 4.Semiconductor Cooling‎ 5.Heat Transfer‎ *Popular Series :- 3M Novec Contact Cleaner/Lubricant , 3M Novec Electronic Degreaser , 3M Novec Flux Remover , 3M Fluorinert Electronic Liquid FC-40 , 3M Novec 1700 Electronic Grade Coating , 3M Novec 72DA Engineered Fluid , 3M Novec 73DE Engineered Fluid , 3M Performance Fluid PF-5056 , 3M Novec 7200 Engineered Fluid , 3M Novec 7100 Engineered Fluid , 3M 71DE Engineered Fluid , 3M Novec 72FL Engineered Fluid , 3M Novec 71IPA Engineered Fluid , 3M 72DE Engineered Fluid , 3M Novec 71DA Engineered Fluid etc.
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