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We Are a Leading Manufacturer & Supplier's for Industrial Steam Boilers, Thermic fluid heaters, Hot water generators,Hot air generators, Electric and Electrode Steam Boilers, Bio medical waste Incinerators, All types of Burners & its accessories.. Fabrication and Erection & Commissioning work .....more,.... BURNERS:- SOOKOOK BURNER / BENTONE / REILLO / WEISHAUPT / OXILON / UNIGAS / MAXI / ECOFLAME Ignition Cables, Silicon Cables SPARES:- Monarch & Danfoss Nozzles, Spray Nozzles,Sequence Controller, Ignition Transformers, Nozzle Pipe Line, Ignition electrode, Fluel Pumps,suntec pumps, Photocell/UV Detector, K-Type & J-type sensors, & Thermocoples, Mobery Coil, Mobery Switch Spares,Water Pump Suction & Delivery,Level Switch,Thermic Fluid Heaters Coils Steam Boiler Coils,Fuel Oil Filters & Elements, Fusible plugs, Blast Tube, Diffuser Disc, Gaskets & graphoile rings, Valve set assembly, Gland washers, Silicone cable, Ignition cables, Pressure Switch,Oil Immersion Hearters,Water Softners & RO Plants,Boiler Safety Valves, Lugs, Electrode Holder, Photocell Holder, Electrode caps, Impeller / Blower Fan, Burner Motor, Solenoid Valves & Coils,All types of Panel Boards,Temperature Controllers, Hose Pipes, Industrial Hooters, Sirens & etc........................ We supply Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil / Heating Oil which can be mixed up with any oil for TOP UP. Also we undertake Order for AMC'S [Annual Maintenance contract] Also we take Work order for Descaling of Boiler coils
Mr. sirigiri mahesh
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