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Brand Name: ARCIS
Place of Origin: India

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Ingredient : Coconut Sugar Crystals Scientific Name : Cocos Nucifera Origin : India Shelf Life : 24 Months ADVANTAGE Coconut palm sugar is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. In addition, it contains Vitamin B1, B2,B3,B6 and C, and a good range of amino acids. Low Glycemic Index (GI) of 35 (half of the GI of regular cane sugar) - slow energy release compared to sweetners like honey & cane sugar. This makes coconut sugar a healthier alternative as they do not cause blood sugar levels to increase rapidly and drop rapidly after consumption - Diabetic-friendly. Good low-GI sweetener for the weight-conscious. Higher nutritional value than other commercially available natural sweeteners. It also contains numerous amino acids, needed for growth, repair and maintenance of body tissues, enzymes, and hormones.Delicious & rich caramel-like flavor albeit less sweet than regular sugar. USE It can be used as a natural sweetener for most applications similar to the usage of cane sugar. Use as 1-to-1 replacement for regular cane sugar in hot/cold beverages, cooking and baking. It dissolves and melts the same way. SHELF LIFE 2 years after date of manufacture STORAGE Preferably stored in a cool, dry and odour free area with ambient temperature 23-30 degree celcius and below 60% relative humidity. PACKING 250gms, 500gms, 1 Kg, 25 Kgs Drum Bulk OTHER PRODUCTS Vegan Coconut Milk Powder (Without Sodium Caesinate) Coconut Milk Powder Coconut Flour Coconut Water Virgin Coconut Oil Coconut Vinegar Dessicated Coconut Powder Coconut Milk Coconut Jam

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