Natural Black Cumin Seed Essential Oil 10 Ml

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Type: Natural
MOQ: 200
Place of Origin: India
Model Number: Essential oil 10 ml
Brand Name: Menaja
Color: Brown
Packaging: 10 ml 50 ml 90 ml 1000 ml 30 liter

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100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Black Cumin Seed Oil Black cumin seed which is also known as Nigella sativa is basically found in the tomb of the Tutankhamun. Black cumin seed oil is basically obtained from that black cumin seeds which is popularly known for its healing abilities and to cure many diseases. Best seed supplier – Today Egypt is considered as one of the largest supplier of the best seeds of the black cumin. Process of extraction – Natural process of extraction is adopted to obtain this oil from the black cumin seeds. The pure oil thus obtained is widely used to cure many diseases. Benefits • Cooking – This essential oil is also used widely as a flavouring agent to enhance the taste of the food. • Acidity – Problems related to acidity or gases in the stomach can be easily cure with the proper use of this essential oil. • Aid digestion – It also helps in improving the digestion process of the stomach. • Rid the intestines of worms – Due to the antimicrobial properties present in this essential it also helps the intestine to rid the worm. • Immune system – It also helps in improving the immunity of the body to fight against the several diseases as well as infections. • Asthma – It also helps in treating the major problem of asthma. • Allergies – The great antimicrobial properties of this essential oil help it to fight against various allergies. • Fatigue – This essential oil also works as a wonder if a patient is suffering from extreme fatigue when some crushed cumin seeds with this essential oil are provided to the patient. • Cancer – It also helps the body of the person to fight against various cancers by improving the immune system of the person which helps in destroying the various cancer cells. • Enhance taste of tea – It is also added to the tea during the formation of it to enhance the aroma of the tea. • Promotes hair growth – This essential oil also works effectively in promoting the growth of the hair. • Promotes nail growth – This essential oil also helps in improving the growth of the nails positively. • Psoriasis – It also helps in treating the problems related to skin such as psoriasis. • Eczema – Eczema can also be treated with the proper usage of this essential oil. • Joint pain – It also helps to cure the joint pains of the body if the paste prepared with the combination of this essential oil directly applied on it. • Burns – During the skin burns it can also be applicable to see the positive results. • Skin infections – Infections of the skin can also be cured with the proper usage of this essential oil. • Wrinkles or fine lines – Black cumin seed essential oil also proves to be very beneficial in eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. • Moisture the skin – If it is added in the formulation of a cream then it works greatly to moisturize your skin. • Acne – Major problems related to acne can also be treated with the proper usage of this essential oil. • High blood pressure – It also works greatly in controlling the blood pressure of a human body. • Acute tonsillopharyngitis – It is considered as a great substitute of the pain killers to kill the pain of the body. It works effectively in dispelling the pain of the throats.
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