Natural Citronella Essential Oil 10 Ml

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Brand Name: Menaja
Model Number: Essential oil 10 ml
Place of Origin: India
MOQ: 500
Type: Natural
Color: Transprent
Certificate: COA
Supply Type: 10 ml 50 ml 90 ml 1000 ml 30 liter

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100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Citronella essential Oil Citronella oil is basically obtained from the Cymbopogon Nardus which is considered as a kind of grass. This essential oil is widely known due to its therapeutic and amazing properties. Process of extraction – Steam distillation process is adopted for the extraction of this essential oil from the leaves of the Cymbopogon. Benefits Worms – It helps in eliminating the harmful organism such as worms from the stomach, large and small intestine. Natural detoxifier – It also acts as a natural detoxifier which helps in eliminating the harmful toxic materials from the body. Due to the nature of this oil which is diaphoretic it also helps to increase the sweating in the body. Rheumatoid arthritis – Orthopedic problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other problems can also be treated with the application of this essential oil due to the presence of detoxifying properties. Urine – Regular application of this essential oil helps in promoting the production of the urine which also helps in accelerating the detoxification. Cramp – The water balance can also be maintained with the proper usage of this essential oil which reduces the risk of cramping of the stomach muscles. Joint pain – The application of this oil works as wonder in providing great relief to the patient if it is applied directly on the joint pains. It must be mixed with other carrier oil. Anti-inflammatory – It also works as a wonder in treating and repairing the internal inflammations such as stomach, intestines etc. which use to get damage by the consumption of the alcohols and drugs. It provides great and instant relief from the soreness. Wounds – It helps in the treatment of wounds rapidly due to the presence of the anti-septic properties which protects the wounds from getting infected. Mental fatigue – It also acts as an antidepressant due to which the problems related to mind can also be treated with proper usage of this essential oil. It also proves to be very beneficial in uplifting the mood of the patient. Body fragrance – It acts as a great body fragrance due to the refreshing aroma of this essential oil. Healthy and glowing skin – It helps to keep the skin healthy and glowing due to the amazing detoxifying properties of it. Acne – Due to the presence of the antibacterial properties it also helps in dispelling the problems such as acne, boils, warts etc. Skin tone – It also helps in toning of the skin which turns the skin into smoother form and the pores of the skin also get tighten up with the use if citronella oil. Insect repellent – It acts as a great insect repellent due to which it is applied on the skin to prevent the insect bites. Greasiness of the hair – It also helps in controlling the excessive greasiness of the hair by reducing oil from the scalp. Soothes and softens – It also softens and soothes the hair effectively. Frizzy hair – If it gets added with the shampoo then it could easily turn your frizzy hair into soft one. Skin allergies – Skin allergies can also be treated with the proper application of the citronella oil.
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